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Website Audit

Do you feel that your content is difficult for interested people to find?
Do you want people to stay longer on your site and not leave it almost immediately?

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Website Audit
Why To Choose Us?

How we will do the Audit and how we will analyze your website?

Design & Structure

An attractive redesign or design will also improve aspects such as the speed, efficiency and consistency of your site. At the same time, it is equally important that the design is thought of taking functionality into account, not sacrificing it just for the sake of appearance.


Do you want customers to be able to make online orders or express their opinions about products or services through your website?

The web pages of your website must offer these services in a way that is as pleasant and as easy as possible. intuitive.

Design & Structure
Website Content

Website Content

The content you use must be at the highest quality, be evocative and effectively communicate the desired message and to convey it correctly.

Originality and authenticity of materials are the key factors for a site that converts quickly and well. Whether we are talking about texts or photos and videos.

The Conversion Elements

It is good to organize the site so that the users know that the site does not only offer information, but also elements that can be bought.

An effectively constructed call to action will have the same results as an ad displayed in a store that creates the impulse to buy.

Page Loading Time

Reducing load time to 3 seconds increases profit by 7-12%. Due to the optimal loading speed of the website, images and text or any element in the store.

Pages that have a better loading speed are highlighted by Google.

Mobile Responsivity

Studies say that 70% of the visitors abandon the site if they encounter difficulties in using it.

An improved browsing experience and to be responsive on all devices, means more time spent on your site and, by implication, higher conversions for your business.

Page Loading Time